Top Real Estate Investment Options In Delhi & NCR

Top Real Estate Investment Options In Delhi & NCR

If you are looking for the best property investment options in the NCR region, then there would be many. If all the four cities and Delhi are combined, then the overall number of options is huge for any one person to deal with. There are reasons for this.

The property markets of Delhi and the NCR are amongst the top property destinations in India. The capital of the country has singlehandedly been responsible for  the creation of Noida. The emergence of Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon also owe their growth to their presence near the city. The property markets in the new cities of Noida and Gurgaon is amongst the most sought after residential housing across the country. Over the years, these cities have been at the helm of a profound growth that has transformed them from non existence to cities known across the world. Hence all kinds of properties are available here which include the following categories. 

Independent house

If one were to seek properties in Delhi and the NCR, the independent houses are available from individual buyers mostly. Until the last decade, the trend of creating independent accommodations was not a part of builder’s priorities. They were able to make much bigger profits on the apartments only. Anyone who was looking for a similar option in Delhi was merely able to find flats for sale in Delhi which were within the reach of that person. the options were severely limited in Delhi and were highly priced. The options were available in Gurgaon but few and far apart. 

However Noida presented more options. The city even today has numerous areas where independent homes are dominantly present. However they too have notched prices attached in houses in Delhi. Therefore independent homes are an expensive commodity. 

Shared house

This is the most common type of housing that has emerged in the Delhi. there are families which together purchase homes and then occupy different floors. This is one of the most common type of housing that is prevalent in residential areas of Delhi in particular. The trend has not quite caught on in Noida and Gurgoan because these cities focussed on urban apartment culture from the beginning. In case of Delhi however, there were small ticket homes which only could build apartment like structure on top of them. With the rising property demand, soon this apartment kind of culture became popular and people were willing to occupy single floors just to have a house in Delhi. 


The apartments and flats in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi have become exceedingly commonplace. The growth of the real estate market has revealed that these kinds of property options are exceedingly popular. The builders have capitalized on these options for a long time now and it turns out that the trend is not going to change. The property development is on in all the aforementioned cities and in industrial cities of Ghaziabad and Faridabad as well. The latter two have not been a popular choice for residential development; but the situation has changed now. 

Luxury accommodations and villas 

This is the latest addition to the array of residences in the city. The builders have realized that there are buyers who are looking for such properties and hence they have launched multiple projects offering them.


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