6 Ways to Save Product Packaging from Moisture and Water Damage


While you may have a tight budget, don’t let it limit your ability to deliver a decent product. These tricks will help you save money on costly packaging materials, while also ensuring your products arrive in pristine condition. Water damage is common when shipping and during transportation. Knowing how to save product packaging from this kind of damage will save you time and money. Transportation is also a very commonplace for product packaging to be damaged.

In today’s market custom product packaging is often overlooked when examining the total cost of a product. You should not forget that your shipping materials are just as important as your actual products themselves. While you may have a tight budget, don’t let it limit your ability to deliver a decent product. These tricks will help you save money on buying and sending of the products.

1. How to save product packaging from moisture damage

Packaging is the first thing customers see when they buy a product. If it’s damaged, they’ll think the product will be too. For example, if you are buying a moisturizer in a pump bottle, and the pump doesn’t work, this means that to your customer that the quality of this product is low. But with some help from some quick preservation tips you can save your product before it gets destroyed even more by using corrugated packaging material.

Packaging should be protected with a shipping box. You can get all sorts of different types of boxes that are the right size for the product you are sending. For example, if you want to ship some lotion, then you should use a small flat rate box.

Ways to ensure your product arrives in pristine condition are listed below:

  • Wrap your product in tissue paper.
  • If the bottle isn’t small enough, use a small piece of tissue paper to stuff inside.
  • Put the package in a box and put staples on it.
  • Then tape it shut with duct tape.
  • Roll up the box, then put it inside of another box with a lid.
  • This way, if there are any leaks or spills, they won’t get on anything else or be exposed to air during shipping.

 2. Understand how moisture can get into your product packaging

Water can get into your product packaging during shipping. When it is cold outside, water can condense inside. If your product packaging is made of a material that lets water through, then the water will also come in.

Moisture can get in your product when it is in a warm area. If the box gets wet and then is put in a warm place, the moisture will come into contact with the inside of the box and also soak into the product. If this happens, you may need to freeze your product to keep it from getting damaged by colder temperatures.


There are a few common materials found in product packaging that are susceptible to water and moisture entry:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Highly absorbent plastic
  • Zip-top bags
  • PVC bottles

First, you need to know how to pack up products. If you want to make sure that the product is not damaged, look for any signs of water on the packaging. You can choose the right materials if you know what size it is and how long it will last. Make sure not to use water-resistant or water-repell.

It is important to know that almost any product can be shipped. A box and a pair of pants have the potential to be shipped many times. But, sometimes one option might cost more or last longer than another.

3. Properly store your unused product packaging

Put the product packaging in a Ziploc bag and then fold it in half. This will protect the packaging and avoid wet or dirty stains. If the product packaging gets wet or dirty, use a towel to clean it off and then use it again.

Keep Product Stash Bags with You at All Times

Storing your product packaging is a good idea. Keep it available when you are not using it too. That way, you can easily find the packaging that you will need next time.

Don’t Rent Product Packaging or Standardized Flat Packing Sealers

It is hard to keep a package of products clean and in good condition. If you are like most people, you do not have the time to clean it thoroughly before you put it into a box. You can buy sealers at stores like grocery stores and office supply stores for real products instead of paying someone else to do the job. Product-packing sealers do two jobs. They can seal your product to a pallet and allow you to use a clear plastic resealable bag for the shipping pieces.

Always Seal the Extras with a Strong Cloth

If you are selling things like gum, lotion, vitamins or print materials then pack them in their own clear plastic resealable bag. You might also need to use a dark cloth to seal the bag and product to prevent dirt and disaster from contaminating your contents.

4. Use the right kind of shipping materials to keep your products safe during shipping

When you ship your products , make sure they are in the same condition when they arrive. The wrong kind of packaging can make damages while being properly shipped. Make sure to use materials that can handle all kinds of weather. Foam packing is good for absorbing a lot of moisture and it softens quickly. Wax paper is not a good choice because it doesn’t last long and cardboard isn’t durable either. This does not give your product the best look.

Again, make sure that you use materials that can help your products last a long time. Waterproof packaging is a great way to ensure that water doesn’t get into the interior of your product.

 5. Keep an eye on weather conditions to make sure you avoid moisture damage during the shipping process

If you ship packages, the weather can affect how your customers receive them. Too hot means the package may come in damaged because of moisture. You should either ship earlier or at night when it is cooler. Too cold means that your mail might not get to the customer before the mail carrier goes out again.


There are some things that you can do to protect your products from dry, rainy, and snowy environments. One way to ship your products is in a package that offers good box printing companies that do not break and is water-resistant. This is because it done not expose the box and product. You also want to make sure that any products for use inside will be properly sealed.


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