5 Best Places for Macarons in the UK


Macaron boxes are available in unique designs and customized displays along with a series of appealing colors. They are considered for their durable nature and offer foolproof protection to the eatables. Manufactured with the help of fully sustainable materials, these are known for their eco-friendliness. The best feature is that they are affordable in every type of budget. Moreover, the option of bulk buying is also available for these boxes. They can help promote the name of your brand with the help of innovative printing applications. They have premium and elite quality finishing options to impress the customers.

People are getting prepared for the Christmas event worldwide with greater zeal and zest. The same thing is happening in the UK, where all the citizens are getting ready and planning to gift something to their friends. One of the useful options is to gift mouthwatering macarons in different flavors. There are several outlets in the UK that are termed as the best places for such products. They use macaron boxes with unique designs and durable quality to preserve the freshness of the food. Have a look at the following well-known places to have an idea.

Pierre Herme

If you are fond of French macarons and find it difficult to have them in the UK, Pierre Herme is the perfect place. Name any flavor with any kind of topping, and this wonderful place will present it in front of you. The best thing is to fulfill your cravings by ordering as many flavors as you want. Moreover, everything is sold fresh, and you will never have to compromise on the quality ever. The place we are talking about is also known for providing its services during special events like Christmas or Easter. Milk chocolate with passion fruit, raspberry, pistachio, jasmine tea, and jasmine flower are some of the most popular flavors offered by Pierre Herme.

If you plan to buy such products for your friends as a gift, you can ask them to pack these items in macaron packaging solutions of the highest quality. Select your most wanted flavor, and Pierre Herme will produce it for you in top-notch quality. If you are in the UK during the upcoming Christmas event, you need not worry about your macaron cravings, as Pierre Herme has got it all covered.


Talking about the best macaron selling places in the UK, the name of Yauatcha can never be ignored by any means. Offering a huge variety of flavors of the best quality, Yauatcha has multiple branches in the country. The customer satisfaction rate is increasing day by day as the freshly baked macarons offered by this place are beyond explanation. You can select your desired option from flavors like rose, coconut, passion fruit, peanut butter and jelly, salted caramel, and many more. You can buy a single piece or order macaron boxes with six or twelve pieces each. It all depends on your requirements, and Yauatcha will do it for you as per your needs. The best thing is that their price list is reasonable to a certain extent. Therefore, it allows you to order these sweet delights in big numbers for special occasions.


Yes, that’s right as it is the name of another exciting place in the UK that offers the most delicious macarons for the customers. The best thing about this place is that it offers the option of customizable macarons as per the customers’ liking. Name any event like office function, wedding, birthday celebration, New Year’s Eve, or Christmas; Ohlala will help you in the best possible manner. It will provide you with macarons in several flavors to make a memorable entry at the event. It is important to mention that these macarons are healthy for you as they are gluten-free. The place also can cater big orders for special events. You just need to let them know about the total number required by you. Make sure you try rainbow sprinkles, burger macarons, and palm macarons.

Laudree London

If we talk about one name that has taken the art of baking macarons from Paris to London, then Laudree is the name that should come to your mind. With multiple branches in London, Laudree specializes in French macarons having the best taste, aroma, and freshness. Their specialty includes the elegant macaron boxes that they intend to cast a stronger impression on the buyers. The list of available flavors is quite large, and you can have pistachio, vanilla, caramel, lemon, and orange blossom. These flavors can also be made more delicious by using fresh cream tarts of different types. You can also get your hands on some seasonal flavors like chocolate, strawberry candy, cotton candy, and bubble gum. In short, Laudree London is one of the leading names for the best places in the UK that sell freshly baked macarons.

Gail’s Bakery

Name any baked sweet delight, and Gail’s bakery will provide it to you in the UK. It is a popular name in the country, and it specializes in cakes, brownies, macarons, and multiple other eatables. For macarons especially, the customers can fulfill their cravings here as they come across several delightful flavors. All the macaron types are gluten-free and hand-baked, making this place a perfect option for healthy and delicious food. Gail’s bakery can handle large orders for special events and occasions, and you can trust it for your Christmas celebrations. Whenever you visit the place to get some macarons, you can also order a cup of hot tea as this combination is the best at any time.

The places mentioned in the above lines are some of the very best for macarons in the whole of the UK. You can visit them per your liking and needs. One common thing in all these places is that they pack the products in top-quality packaging solutions. Moreover, their macarons are delicious and healthy at the same time.


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